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Takes up little space, so more space for maintenance or an extra engine. The best in: “Power to Room” ratio.


Light Weight

The ingeniously built Diemmax engines are lightweight and smooth running and so beneficial for all craft. The best in: “Power to Weight” ratio.


The Diemmax engines has, thanks to the twin turbo, an amazing low-end torque and no noticeable turbolag.  Diemmax deliveres smooth and quiet running engines.

Reliable and Economic

In addition to being safer (less flammable), the Diemmax engines are also more economical and durable and have a significantly longer life than petrol engines.




520-600 HP

The lightweight (every kilo counts) and smooth running Diemmax V-12 diesel engine is an extreme advantage in his class. Powerfull, an amazing low-end torque and no noticeable turbolag, and very quiet!


250-350 HP

The Diemmax D6LR delivering leading acceleration and top end responsiveness. The peak torque is available almost immediately after accelerating from 1,750 RPM and on.



180-260 HP

This highly competitively priced 6 Cylinder inline engine is built for new boats or to replace your gasoline or diesel engine.



Why Diemmax?

Mission statement

We want to be the marine engine manufacturer who continues to improve through innovation and technology.

Vision statement

In the coming years, we will set a new standard in marine engine power for the customer and let them experience comfort.


Light Weight and compact dimensions

Best Power-to-Weight and Power-to-Room ratio’s in every class. Room for extra engine or other equipment. Fits in many different crafts.


quiet engine Smooth Running

250 – 600 Hp (186 – 447 kW)


High Power from start

Thanks to the twin turbo, an amazing low-end torque and no noticeable turbolag. Peak torque is available almost immediately after accelerating.

Premium Engine line

High Class look-and-feel.


Diesel Engines

Safe and Economic. 

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